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Why Should I Buy Organic Cilantro?

Why should we be buying organic cilantro or other organic herbs?

On average cilantro has around 30 unapproved pesticides contained on it. This was recently found by a routine USDA testing of the herb. The USDA does a yearly testing of a mixed selection of different produce, one of which was cilantro.

Cilantro was the first fresh herb to be tested in the 20+ year-old program. Because of this it is very possible that other herbs can contain potentially dangerous and hazardous pesticides.

The Chicago Tribune recently stated that researchers suspect that “growers may have confused guidelines for cilantro and flat-leaf parsley, for which more pesticides are approved.” This means that these harmful an hazardous pesticides can be used not only on cilantro, but also parsley.

So how do we find out what other herbs and produce may have potentially harmful or hazardous pesticides in them?

As stated in Reader’s Digest recently, “nearly every herb in the Pesticide Action Network (PAN) pesticides network has a myriad of fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides used on it during its growth. “

That same site shows over 40 pesticides used on parsley. More frightening is that it shows that more than 30 of these potentially harmful pesticides are used on mint as well. This list goes on and is very alarming because pesticides have been linked, through research, to many different types of health disorders or diseases.

More so, the PAN pesticides network only shows the pesticides used in California. There are many other states that use all types of different pesticides depending on the type of pest on the crop and there are many more potentially harmful pesticides used in other countries that we are not able to track or regulate.

This data is not available for all states or every country and since your produce and organic cilantro can come from all over the world, buying organic herbs and produce will take a lot of the doubt and guessing from your purchases.

Unless you decide to grow your own herbs, buying organic is very important. If you decide to grow your own herbs, make sure that the seed was produced in an organic way to remove any potential contaminants out of your future crop.

Always ask for organic produce, such as organic cilantro, and opt in for restaurants like The Juice Parlor in North Hollywood, California that uses only organic produce and herbs to ensure that you have the best quality, produced with the most ethical and efficient organic methods.

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